The Trace Minerals

The Trace Minerals

While the body needs only very small amount of each of these six minerals, they are essential to overall good health.


Calcium is best known for keeping your bones strong and preventing them from becoming brittle. As everyone knows, calcium is found in milk, but one study showed that 80% of all teenage girls (who need the highest level of calcium) don't even get half of their daily need. Prevent the hunchback syndrome by adding 1000 mg to your diet every day.


Copper helps you absorb iron and heals wounds. Adults need 1.5 to 3.0 mg of copper each day.


Chromium helps maintain the body's balance of glucose (blood sugar) and is required for the body to release the energy from the glucose. Adults need anywhere from 50 to 200 mg a day.


Iron is essential for the transport and release of oxygen throughout the body. Men need 10mg a day and women need 15 mg.


Selenium supports the functions of vitamin E and is thought to prevent against cancer. Men need 70 mg of this antioxidant each day and women should get 55 mg.


Zinc plays a role in your sense of taste, helps make sperm, heals wounds and aids in making genetic materials and proteins. Men should get 15 mg a day and women should get 12 mg (though it will not help them make sperm).


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