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• One's congenital conditions - the congenital conditions of different individuals may be quite different, and these congenital conditions may have a great influence on one's health in all his life, but this is an accomplished fact, whatever the individual's congenital conditions are good or bad, one cannot change his/her past. However, one can grasp his/her future, if one can cultivate himself/herself properly, the good congenital conditions can be kept, and the bad ones can be improved.


Emotion - emotion may influence one's health greatly, all intense emotions are negative to one's health, even if intense gladness will also harm one's heart. The right emotion is quiet, peaceful and easeful; to gain and keep this right emotion actually comes down to spiritual cultivation.


Training - training can influence one's health obviously, a good training can enhance one's health greatly, however, an incorrect training will harm one's health. Good training must be natural, enjoyable and perseverant.


Rest - rest is also very important to one's health, to ordinary individuals, sleep is the most important rest, ordinary person's mind cannot hush for a bit while when they are waking, only when in sleep their mind can get a rest. Good sleep helps to one's health, and good health also will improve one's sleep quality, they are interrelated each other. When an individual reaches a high level on Gongfu training, his/her spirit becomes strong, and his/her mind can be quiet in waking, he/she needs less sleep naturally.


Food and drink - it is also important to eat and drink properly, it will be good to eat green food more than the food with much fattiness, and don't eat too full each time. When an individual reaches a high level on Gongfu training, his/her Qi channels will all open, he/she can absorb energy from nature directly, and then he/she will less depend on food.


Environment (weather, air, water, residence and dress etc.) - we are influenced by environment every moment. A good environment will help one's health greatly, on the contrary, a bad environment will destroy one's health enormously.


Sexual activities - immoderate sexual activities will consume one's Jing and Qi a lot, accordingly, his/her health will be harmed, masturbation is worse, immoderate sexual ideas will also harm one's health. On the other hand, if you forbid sexual activity forcibly, things will be even worse. If one practices Gongfu properly, his/her inner will be quiet, and he/she will have less sexual ideas and activities, his/her Jing will be transformed to Qi constantly, and his/her health will be improved day after day.


History Of Gongfu

Li Jiongwas was born in a village of Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, China. Shaoxing is an old city with a long history for more than 2,500 years, and many heroes have come out from this delicately beautiful place, so as to Shaoxing is well-known as 'the hometown of celebrities'. It was a crazy time of Chinese when Li Jiong was born, the draff of Western culture was combined with the draff of Eastern culture in the old east land, and this period was called 'Great Cultural Revolution' in history, be true to the name, the excellent traditional Chinese culture had been destroyed roundly in this period, and the intellectuals were persecuted atrociously. Li Jiong's grandfather was a traditional intellectual, he lost his sight in his middle age, sometime misfortune could really be a fortune, no one would think of persecuting a blind person, so the old man could cultivate his grandson with traditional culture undisturbedly, till he past away when Li Jiong was 6 years old. In that time, it is very rare that one could be cultivated by traditional Chinese culture purely in a long term, and this experience has influenced Li Jiong a lot.


The country turned to normal comparatively, the traditional culture was revived slightly, and Gongfu training was popular little by little, also in this period, Li Jiong started his persevering Gongfu exploring in his early youth. He practiced some simple Qigong exercises in the beginning, youth is full of Jing, Qi and Shen, so it is easy to get achievements if one start Gongfu training in this period, Li Jiong had experienced a lot of wonderful feelings of Qi that time, and his physique improved a lot. He had the experiences of Yin Shen (soul) emission in that period, twice in lying training, he was in deep meditation, suddenly, there was a large sound and he found himself was in flying, and he saw his body lied on the bed, he wanted to move his body, but it was irresponsive, and then he saw mountains and a river, later, he was a bit scared, and perhaps his soul turned back to his body immediately, and he could move his body again.


However, because being short of proper guidance, Li Jiong's training was sometime good, sometime bad, he cannot progress steadily.


Li Jiong became a student of Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine College, his major is Qigong Tuina, he got regular Qigongand martial arts training there, and Traditional Chinese Medicine education as well.


Li Jiong came to Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University, there he met a famous Yiquan master, and started to learn Yiquan fastidiously for more than 10 years. By years of Yiquan training, Li Jiong became more and more healthy,strong and powerful.


Yiquan was a production that came from the traditional Chinese martial arts tried to combine with the modern science, from 19th century, the western culture started to influence Chinese a lot, the modern science was also introduced in, and became a main learning in China, all schools tried to absorb the essence of modern science, so that they could improve themselves. In martial arts realm, a masterpiece of this combination is Yiquan, Yiquan took the theory of modern science to explain its training system, so it is easy to be understand by modern people.


Li Jiong started to teach Yiquan both in long-distance way and face to face. He worked out a correspondence course of Yiquan, spreading Gongfu by internet; this was a fire-new attempt. The student often had to go far away in order to find the master before, now they can learn Gongfu at home, they do not need to leave the family, and they do not need to give up their positions. And fortunately, the online correspondence course works, perhaps not for everyone, but most feedbacks said that they had learnt a lot from the correspondence course, and their lives were benefited. Perhaps this was the first time that a long distance teaching of Gongfu really worked.


In all these years, Li Jiong had also read abundant classic books of Gongfu, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and even the Bible and Alcoran, these readings have helped his training a lot.


In 2003, Li Jiongfelt that he could not progress as fast as before if he still limited by Yiquan, he began to turn over to think his training system. It is helpful to do self-examination often, Li Jiong remind of himself to check often whether he is natural, whether he is in God. And he does not insist in any extrinsic things, whatever it is called Yiquan or something else. When he feels not good, and does things unprosperous, he knows something in his mind is wrong; he will try to find it out and cast off it. Thus, he often makes mistakes, but he can always progress.


The century that Yiquan was born, to Chinese, it was a sad century, Chinese lost their confidence, and had a superstition to modern science, many Chinese thought that modern science can explain everything and can solve all problems. It seems Wang Xiangzhai and his disciples had this problem too, they tried to explain Gongfu by modern science, and spurned all the things those could not be explained by modern science. Unfortunately, in life realm, modern science is still a little baby, its knowledge on life and spirituality is very shallow. There is a fable, says that once a man get a pair of beautiful shoes, he loves the shoes very much, but the shoes are too small for his feet, to suit the shoes, the man cut some parts of his feet off, now he can put the shoes on his feet finally. Modern science is very beautiful, but yet it is too small for life and spiritual cultivation. As a result of cutting the feet to fit the shoes, some important stuff of traditional Chinese culture is missing in Yiquan, in Chinese, 'Yi' means mind or intention, that's something opposite with one's nature being, 'quan' means 'fist' or 'martial art', obviously, this name does not contain the spiritual cultivation part, and despises health preservation part as well. Perhaps Mr. Wang really did not want Yiquan to be an art of fight only, but cause of its congenital limitation, now the Yiquan we see, is actually an art of combat mainly.


Realized the limitation of Yiquan, Li Jiong tried to get back the missing stuff of Gongfu, and it seems his achievements are striking, he becomes more and more healthy, power and happy,these internal transformations are also appeared on his appearance, his body has become thin and shapely, his eyes become more and more bright, limpid, powerful and deep.









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