Which Treadmill To Buy For Home Use?

If you wonder which treadmill to buy for home use, maybe we can help. Firstly, you should decide which type of a treadmill will suit your needs. You can choose between the following:


Folding treadmills (for small home gyms)

Non-Folding treadmills (for serious runners)


Generally, folding treadmills are more popular, because they are much cheaper than non-folding models. Probably this sounds illogical, but... Non-folding treadmills are those you see in gyms and fitness clubs. They have more robust construction. They have to be sturdy to withstand heavy running by multiple users in a row.


folding treadmills

Folding treadmills contain the largest amount of models of all fitness machines. There are hundreds of brands offering dozens different models, literally. These treadmills are suitable for home use. Their running deck can be folded so the unit takes up less space when not in use. They also have transport wheels so can be moved for storage.

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Non-Folding treadmills are constracted to provide a stable ride. These models are usually designed for health clubs, but they are also sold as light-commercial units for home users. Non-folding treadmills are heavier and more sturdy than folding variants. Maybe they seem too expensive at a frist glance, but if you a serious runner you should know that the cheaper a treadmill is, the flimsier a frame is. Accordingly this affects the treadmill's durability. Best NON-FOLDING treadmills arrow


Best Place To Buy A Treadmill Online

How could you find your ideal fitness machine from such a great selection of treadmills, performance sets and price tags? It's not so easy, right?. We made the list of best treadmill brands and their most popular models in each category, including folding and non-folding machines. Our selection took into account the most important considerations in selecting the best place for online shopping. Not only we have made reviews on treadmills by price, brand's quality, expert opinion, user ratings, buying conditions and more, to help you choose the best model for your budget. We have also selected several online retailers. All the links you'll find here lead to safe and approved online fitness stores. We did our best to help you find a treadmill that will work best for you and last for years to come!








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