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Stair Climbers and Mini Aerobic Steppers

Stair stepper machines are also known as stairclimbers or aerobic steppers. They are compact fitness exercise machines that offer primarily a lower body cardio workout. Mini stair steppers are small, light and easy to use. Some of the "mini" models even come with stride arms similar to their larger "cousins", elliptical trainers. A mini stair stepper doesn't provide the same quality workout as a larger, more sophisticated machine, but they are very cheap and suitable for home use. A stair stepper provides one of the most natural and beneficial exercises. The natural movements also provide an excellent cadio-respiratory workout.


We have compiled brief stepper reviews and made a fine selection of the most popular models. We review light-commercial and home models on a regular basis. We compare them by user ratings, expert opinion, quality of construction, price, buying conditions, and more, to help you choose the best rowers without paying a lot.

How to buy a stair stepper machine

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stair climber walker
Bowflex Treadclimber TC100
Price Range: $1999 - $2199

User Capacity: 300lbs (136kg).
Features: USB charging port, Interactive backlit LCD display, HRM grips, 2 User profiles, Tablet holder, Bottle holder. Motions of a stairstepper, treadmill, and an elliptical trainer.
Dimensions: 114" x 64" x 118"



Our #2 Pick

stair stepper machine
Stamina Stepper
Price Range: $149 - $199

User Capacity: 250lbs (113kg).
Features: Handle bar for balance, Simple LCD monitor, Folds for storage.
Dimensions: 30.2" x 16.2" x 54.5"



Most Popular

aerobic stepper
Sunny Twister Stepper
Price Range: $69 - $99

User Capacity: 250lbs (113kg).
Features: Twister & Stepper, Handle bar for balance, Simple LCD monitor, Folds for storage.
Dimensions: 19" x 17" x 48"



Editor's Choice

stair climber machine for elderly.jpg
Precor CLM 835 Climber
Price Range: $5015 - $5099

User Capacity: 350lbs (159kg).
Features: Commercial-grade stair climber, Durable 6-phase generator system, HTD-type toothed-drive belt, 31 Resistance levels, Motion controls, Aluminum foot pedals, 15-inch screen, Wireless HRM, Reading rack, Bottle holder.
Dimensions: 47" x 32" x 69"



Cheap Solution

mini stair stepper reviews
Sunny Mini Stepper
Price Range: $45 - $79

User Capacity: 220lbs (99kg).
Features: Elastic resistance bands (removable), Simple LCD monitor, "Twist" side to side movement.
Dimensions: 16.5" x 12.2" x 8"



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