Upper Body Strength Equipment

Upper Body Workout Machines

Upper body exercise equipment are machines and weights designed to build your arms, shoulders, chest and back. They are used to increase your upper body strength and tonus. You should choose a proper equipment to strengthen your fitness by improving your upper body strength. Most effective upper body exercise machines are: home gyms, rowing machines, elliptical trainers, and dual action exercise bikes.

Upper Body Toning Machines

The list of best upper body workout machines (some of them are designed for toning whole body) is given below. By choosing a particular type of machine, you can learn more about each of them, as well as to review our pick:


home gyms

A home gym generally is not cheap, but when you put it in your home you don't have to worry about time - your exercise equipment is always there, ready to use and always open! When yor machine is there, you'll use it, probably even more than you think. Plus, with home gym, you don't need a room full of exercise equipment. See the choice of home gyms arrow



When it comes to fitness training, rowing is a form of muscular resistance training that shares many characteristics of rowing a boat without involving water or a boat. Rowing machines are designed to simulate the movement and exercise gained from rowing a boat. A good rower should provide an authentic on-the-water feel. Actually, these machines are used for toning whole body. There are many different models, offering a water, air or magnetic resistance (or a combination of some of them). See the choice of rowing machines arrow


toning whole body

A dual-action exercise bike works upper or lower body, or both, by using the resistance of alternating levers with handlebar grips. Its dual action design conditions your upper and lower body, while you increase your body strength and burn calories. There are two types that differ in resistance system, including an air and magnetic resistance. See the choice of dual-action exercise bikes arrow


quality elliptical machine

If you have never used an elliptical machine before, don't be intimidated by it's appearance. It's actually one of the most comfortable pieces of exercise equipement you'll ever try as well as the most effective. You get all of the benefits of weight bearing exercise without the joint stress. An elliptical machine is considered to be the best cardio equipment on the market, by most reviewers and users. It is a machine for toning the whole body. See the choice of elliptical trainers arrow









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