Effective Self-Hypnosis Techniques

We believe that hypnosis is one of the "healthiest" ways and surely a 100% natural cure to rid a person of certain health problems, with no side effects. In fact, it is a powerful, effective technique that develops your internal deep mechanisms of self-healing. This is why we decided to include it within the Alternative medicine section (as a part of our website) offering our readers the opportunity to download the best self-hypnosis MP3 audio records for various health issues.


There are several types of hypnotherapy, but we are especially interested in a self-hypnosis method, as it is the easiest way to help yourself quickly and comfortably, without having to go to visit some of the therapists or practitioners.


In cooperation with most respective authors in the field of self-hypnosis, we are able to offer you the opportunity to learn more as well as to download some of the best self-hypnosis sessions in an MP3 format. They have been carefully crafted by professional hypnotherapists with a proven track record. All the sessions and techniques that we listed below have been developed by experts from the following teams of top professional hypnotherapists:


• The Uncommon Knowledge Institute

• Self-Hypnosis by New Way Productions

• Real Subliminal



Enjoy our selection of the best self hypnosis MP3 downloads:


Fears & Phobias:

  • Agoraphobia - (download MP3)

  • Fear of Heights - (download MP3)

  • Fear of Flying - (download MP3)

  • Fear of Driving - (download MP3)

  • Fear of Needles - (download MP3)

  • Fear of Success - (download MP3)

  • Fear of Spiders - (download MP3)

  • Fear of Water - (download MP3)

  • Fear of Dentist - (download MP3)

  • Social Phobia - (download MP3)

  • Claustrophobia - (download MP3)

Insomnia - (download MP3)

Pain Relief - (download MP3)

Stop Smoking - (download MP3)

Stress Relief - (download MP3)

Weight Loss - (download MP3)




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