Skin Peels At Home

7 Ways to Help Your Skin Look Its Best

How your skin looks can greatly affect your confidence and how you feel about yourself in everyday life. Below are 7 ways to help you improve your skin.


1. Skin routine

Having a good skin routine is vital to keeping your skin looking its best. It is general that a skin routine involves a set of actions both morning and night. Some routines involve a toner, cleanser and then a moisturiser however others do not use toner. The most vital part of a skin routine is using the correct cleanser. This product rids the skin of all the impurities it collects during the day and also, if you use it, removes your make-up. It is important to pick the right one, using a product with more natural products is healthier for the skin - such as cocoa butter which softens this skin. However another important element of a good skin routine is using a decent moisturiser. Some people choose to use a morning and night cream which provides different consistencies and different results. This routine is important for long term clean and healthy skin.


2. Drink water

Your skin contains plenty of water and this functions to create barrier to protect the skin. Dehydration of the skin makes skin appear dry and wrinkled and this can be improved with drinking the correct amount of water (Usually 8 glasses a day). You can also help to keep this moisture in your skin by using a moisturiser as stated above.


3. Green tea

Green tea is great for both the body and the skin. It can provide the skin with protection from sun damage by reducing inflammation caused by prolonged sun exposure. It can also help with wrinkles, sagging skin and ageing signs. Due to its antioxidant properties green tea can slow down these signs of ageing and give the skin a youthful look and feel. Green tea can be used on the skin in various ways, the most obvious being to drink a cup of green tea on a daily basis. However other methods can include using creams that contain green tea, especially sunscreen and incorporating it into your skin routine via face creams.



art of tea



4. Stress levels

Stress levels can heavily affect the appearance of skin therefore by significantly reducing your stress your skin will improve. Various skin problems that can be included in stress induced skin issues are acne, eczema, hives etc. The release of hormones when you are tense and stressed that can include cortisol increase oil production in the skin. This oil produces spots and blemishes on the skin.


5. Dairy in-take

Lowering your dairy in-take, especially if you suffer from acne, can help the appearance of your skin. Much like stress, your diet can induce hormones that cause spots. If your diet includes lots of dairy or sugar then these hormones can be produced in excess causing more break-outs.


6. Skin Peels

A skin peel is a great treatment for prevention and protection of the skin. This treatment effectively treats dirt build-up in the skin, dull skin, clogged pores and removal of dead skin cells. It can also help with sun damage and pigmentation problems as well as ageing issues. This treatment can make the skin appear brighter and clearer. It prevents dirt build up in pores that cause future spots and blemishes. You can do it by yourself at your home. You can use any of the following skin peeling products (choose which one is most comfortable for you):


Rapid resurfacing peel towelette arrow

Pumice peel cream arrow

Peel & reveal revitalizing mask arrow


7. Sleep

Sleep is the time in which your skin replenishes itself. If you are not getting enough sleep then your skin does not have time to renew itself properly. This is why most dermatologists advise a separate cream for night time use. These creams are often thinner than regular face creams and allow for the skin to naturally replenish itself. Lack of sleep can make your skin dull due to breakdown of collagen in the skin and the chemicals the skin needs for its natural health and can cause increased acne breakouts.









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