Leonardo di Caprio Hair Style

How to achieve the Leonardo di Caprio hair style

leonardo di caprio hair style

Movie stars often change their hair styles for the many rolls they play and Leonardo Di Caprio is no exception. Leonardo made the care free wind blown look popular in the late 90's.


This style works best if hair is straight or has a loose curl or wave. Start with a shaped to fit style cut with full tapered sides and close neckline. Front is layered to stand full and brushed to the side, sometimes without a part. Works with most face shapes.


To Get This:
Look This style requires a few extra styling steps to achieve the desired effects If hair is wavy-curly type. Begin by combing a dab of Styling Balm through damp hair, section and blow dry to smooth surface and relax curl. When dry, brush a puff of Foaming Pomade through hair for shape, shine and frizz control.
For Straight Hair, comb a puff of Gel Mousse through damp hair, comb in place to air dry or blow dry. After brush a puff of Foaming Pomade through and mist with Styling Spray for high gloss finish.









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