Perfect Eyebrows

How to Have Perfect Eyebrows

Which Tweezer?

Thin Tip: Good for grasping small, fine hairs, and plucking ingrown hair.

Slanted Tip: Gives maximum control.

Square Tip: Best used for removing coarse hairs or several hairs at a time.


1. Tweeze immediately after showering or apply a hot washcloth to loosen hair follicles.

2. Hold a pencil vertically along the side of the nose. Eyebrow should start at outside edge if pencil. Hint: Leaving a bit more space will widen close-set eyes.

3. Hold pencil to outside of eye. This is where the eyebrow should end.

4. Smooth brows with a little moisturizer to help hairs slide out.

5. Brush brows up to find a natural arch.

6. Draw in the desired shape beforehand with a soft eye shadow pencil.

7. Tweeze under the brow first, plucking in the direction of the growth. Hint: If your plucking becomes too painful, apply a little anbesol (yes, that pain reliever for teeth also numbs the brows).

8. Using an eyelash comb, comb brows upwards and trim any hairs that extend beyond the natural top or brow bone.

9. After tweezing, soothe the area with cool, wet tea bags.


Tips For Beautiful Eyebrows

Your eyebrows add strength and definition to your face. Well groomed eyebrows enhance your beauty.

You should pluck eyebrows before bedtime so any redness will disappear overnight. In shaping your eyebrows use your facial features.

Use a pair of slant edge tweezers which grip hairs easily. Comb hairs one way and then the other to remove loose hairs.

You should pluck hairs between the brows and any stragglers. Never remove the hairs from above your eyebrows.

Pluck each hair individually close to the root. Work in the direction of the growth.

Always avoid over plucking. In defining your eyebrows choose a shade similar to your natural hair colour.

When using a pencil you should apply in small, feathered strokes. Starting at the inner corner work outwards.

Blend the colour with a brush. To tame stray hairs just use hair gel and comb through to neaten.


Filling In Your Eyebrows

The trick to full brows is to come clean, then fill in the blanks. Waxing director Eliza Petrescu of Avon Salon & Spa explains it for us:

  • Choose a pencil and powder in the correct shade. Women with fair complexions should use a blonde shade, those with olive tones should go tawny or brown, and those with with African-American skin should use gray.

  • Brush brows downward with a dry, mascara-like wand. To define the arch, use the pencil to draw a line along the upper edge of the brow. Comb the brows upward and outward.

  • For added fullness, dust eye shadow into the hairs of the brow with a stiff, slanted brush. Dip the brush into a tiny amount of powder and use short, gentle strokes while applying.

  • If brows have been severely overtweezed, brush the hairs in the direction of the growth, and fill in any visible patches with powder. Avoid adding to the top or bottom of the brows.

  • Comb a clear brow gel up through the brows to set hairs in place


Control Your Brows

Snipping instead of tweezing the brows might be all that is needed to control your brows. Here is how it is done:

  • Brush brows straight up and then check for hairs that are too long.

  • Snip any offending hair one at a time with a small pair of scissors.

  • Brush brows downward and check again.

  • Repeat the previous step, snipping any hair that seems to be too long.

  • Continue brushing and snipping until your brows can be brushed into place naturally.Brush brows into place and check for any hairs that still might need attention.

NOTE: Maintaining your brows is something that should be done on a weekly basis instead of all in one day. Mistakes can be made that sometimes cannot be fixed. Also, instead of pencil, use eye shadow to color your brows for a more natural look.





Six Steps To Perfect Eyebrows

1. Brush brows upward. Carefully trim any excess hair above the top of your natural arch. Be careful not to take off too much at the ends or you'll have brow "bald" spots.

2. Look closely at the shape. Your brow should begin at your tear duct, peak at the outer edge of your iris and end at the outer corner of your eye. "Many women make the mistake of taking off too much at the outer corners," says Weston. "This slants the brows upward and makes the person look perpetually angry".

3. Prep your skin: Soak a cotton ball in astringent and wipe the brow area.

4. Hold a pencil in line with the outer side of your iris and note where the peak of your arch naturally occurs. From the arch to the outer corner of the eye, your brow should fall in a straight or slightly curved line, depending on the look you're trying to achieve.

5. Hold the tweezers at a 45 degree angle and pluck the stray hairs below the brow line. "Pull in the direction of the hair growth, or you may end up breaking the hair mid-shaft," says Engle. Follow your natural brow shape, not the trends. "It's very difficult to let your brows grow back into their natural shape after you've plucked them to death trying to achieve a particular look," she says.

6. Fill in sparse areas with a freshly sharpened brow pencil; use light, quick strokes to draw in hair. Brow powder will give thin brows overall definition, and is great for a more natural look. Using the brow brush, sweep powder up and outward over brows. If you're a brow novice, a tinted brow gel is a foolproof way to keep brows in place. Lightly coat brows using upward and outward strokes. Wipe off any excess and allow it to set.


Brow Color

Did you know that brows should be a little lighter than your hair color? Yes, it's true...about two shades. However, if you are blond or gray, the opposite is true.


Eyebrow Shape

Did you know that your eyebrow is supposed to start directly above the inner corner of your eye? The highest point should be just a little beyond the outer corner of the iris and should taper off to the end! OK, so now you know...


Keep them in place...

If you are having trouble taming your brows, here is a little trick: Take a toothbrush and spray with a little hair spray and then brush on brows. The stickiness of the hair spray will help keep them in place.


A nice contour

This is an alternative to tweezing. Brush them up so that the really long hairs will be very visible. Instead of tweezing and creating a hole, snip it with a pair of tiny scissors. Works wonderfully :-)









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