Nicotine Patches

How Nicotine Patches Help Smokers Quit?

Quit Smoking Patches in fact are a nicotine transdermal system. These patches are an increasingly popular method for people who want to quit smoking. Nicotine patches are quite simple to use. They help in weight gain prevention, prevent cravings, and nicotine withdrawal symptoms, as well. All you have to do is to place a patch on the surface of the skin and it will do the rest. The patches adhere to the outside skin and slowly release a controlled level of nicotine into the skin.


There are several very good brands available on the market (the widest selection of nicotine patches you can find on Amazon), but one of them is the most commonly used in Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). It's the NicoDerm CQ.


NicoDerm CQ Patch

NicoDerm CQ patch is a nicotine patch with a form of Therapeutic Nicotine. It means it is designed to provide nicotine to your system. The safety of NicoDerm CQ patches, and Therapeutic Nicotine from stop-smoking quit aids, has been proven repeatedly. In fact, over 100 clinical studies and extensive use over decades confirm that they are safe and effective when used as directed. And NicoDerm CQ patch is the #1 doctor-recommended patch.


NicoDerm CQ patch is specially formulated to include a patented technology called SmartControl™ on the side you wear against your skin. The SmartControl technology includes an extra layer that helps provide a controlled release of nicotine for 24 hours, ensuring that all of the nicotine will not be delivered at once or run out too soon.


As you use these patches, you'll feel your cravings start to diminish as it helps your body gradually wean itself off nicotine. Over an 8 to 10 week period, depending on the strength of patches you choose, you lower the dosage until you stop using it altogether.


NicoDerm CQ patches come in three different strengths: Nicoderm CQ step 1, Nicoderm CQ step 2, and Nicoderm CQ step 3, depending on how many cigarettes you smoke per day. You choose which NicoDerm CQ patch is right for you:


More than 10 cigaretts a day
10 cigaretts or less a day
21mg for 6 weeks
Begin with the middle strength
(14mg) Step 2
14mg for 2 weeks
14mg for 2 weeks
7mg for 2 weeks
7mg for 2 weeks



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How to Use NicoDerm CQ Patches

As we said, the NicoDerm CQ is a 3 step program. You start with the highest level of medicine and gradually step down your dose. Choose the strength that's right for you:

  • Nicoderm CQ step 1 - 21mg

  • Nicoderm CQ step 2 - 14mg

  • Nicoderm CQ step 3 - 7mg


If you smoke:

  • more than 10 cigarettes per day: start with Step 1

  • 10 or less cigarettes per day: start with Step 2


1. Set a time. First thing in the morning is best. Putting the NicoDerm CQ patch on at the same time every day helps you remember.


2. Clean a non-hairy area of skin with a non-moisturizing soap and let it dry completely. The upper arm is a good choice for most people, but the patch can be worn on almost any non-hairy area. It is important to avoid using lotions, cream, and skincare products on the area you choose.


3. Take out the NicoDerm CQ patch. The sticky side is covered with a plastic liner. Pull the liner off, one side at a time.


4. Press the NicoDerm CQ patch firmly on your skin with the heel of your palm for at least 10 seconds.


5. Wash your hands after applying or removing NicoDerm CQ patch.


6. Wear your NicoDerm CQ patch for either 16 or 24 hours. If you crave cigarettes when you wake up, or feel like you want extra protection, wear the patch for 24 hours. Otherwise, take it off at bedtime and apply a fresh patch first thing in the morning.


Where To Buy Nicotine Patches

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Remember, when you use nicotine patches along with a quit-smoking support system, you increase your chance of success. Combining stop-smoking quit aids like NicoDerm CQ patch with advice and behavioral support has been shown to be the most effective way than either method alone. Hypnosis is the very first choice for this purpose. It helps a person learn to deeply relax, be open to suggestions that strengthen resolve to quit, and increase negative feelings toward cigarettes. Moreover, this is something you can do by yourself, through a self-hypnosis session. Just click here to download your session.










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