Chantix (Varenicline)

(generic name: Varenicline)

Varenicline is a prescription medication used for smoking cessation. It is sold under two different brand names, Chantix and Champix. Both are owned by Pfizer. In May, 2006, it was approved for sale in the USA by FDA. In August, 2006, Pfizer announced that Chantix is available for sale within the USA only, and on September, 2006, it was approved for sale in the European Union under the trade name Champix.


People are often confused with these names. So, Chantix and Champix are the same quit smoking drug, with different trade names used for different markets:

  • Chantix, if you buy in the USA or Canada. It is the brand name of the drug Varenicline there.

  • Champix, if you buy in Europe. Champix is just another brand name of the same drug Varenicline.

  • Chantrix, if you wonder where to buy it :-) Actually, Chantrix is a wrong name, but people often use it by mistake.

Pfizer's Chantix (Champix)

Pfizer scientists developed Varenicline specifically to help smokers quit. The effectiveness of Chantix (Champix) in smoking cessation was demonstrated in clinical trials. How the tablets help cigarette smokers to quit smoking? Unlike smoking cessation tools such as quit smoking gum and quit smoking patches, these pills are not a nictotine replacement. They work by blocking nicotine from attaching to receptors in your brain. Chantrix users also "had nearly twice the likelihood of quitting" than patients taking Buproprion (another prescription drug approved to be an aid within a process of quitting). In studies, the most common Varenicline side effects were nausea, changes in dreaming, constipation, gas and/or vomiting.



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Where To Buy Chantix (Champix)


Varenicline is available in the USA as Chantix and in Europe under trade name Champix. Both are made by Pfizer. Chantix/Champix comes as a white tablet (0.5 mg) and a blue tablet (1 mg). best price


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