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First of all, you should know that the best and most effective quit smoking aid lies in your own mind and your firm decision to stop smoking. If you aren't motivated and committed to get rid of the habit, there isn't a single cure that will work for you.


One of the most popular product that help smokers on their smoking cessation journey are the Nicobloc drops. According to reviews and opiniones by real users, NicoBloc has been chosen from abundance of natural and safe quit smoking aids as pretty effective "Smoker-Friendly Solution". What does it means to you? NicoBloc allows you to stop smoking when you are ready, at your own pace. This is dependant upon your own smoking habits.


All you have to do is to apply the drops on the cigarette filter. This simple application will catch up the tar and nicotine and prevent them from reaching your body. So, you'll still continue with your usual routine, but your body will gradually adjust to the physical changes that occur when nicotine is withdrawn over a period of time. In the end, you will get rid of nicotine addiction and you'll stop smoking without any drama, at a time you decide that you are ready for it.

Nicobloc ingredients

NicoBloc contains all natural ingredients. The main components are completely safe. They consist of a sugar compound, citric acid and water. However, as the manufacturer claims, the secret of the effectiveness of these drops is in the blending and processing of these ingredients. The drops are 100% safe with no side effects. Therefore NicoBloc is a great solution for smoking cessation even during pregnancy.



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Nicobloc Overview

  • NicoBloc helps reduce and overcome smoking at your own pace.

  • It blocks tar and nicotine in filtered cigarettes. One drop traps up to 33%, two drops 66% and three drops up to 99%.

  • 100% Food grade formula - it is made from approved food grade ingredients, is not subject to medical licensing and is non-prescription.

  • Smoker friendly - Use with your usual brand of cigarette. NicoBloc has been developed so that there are minimal changes to the taste and smoking experience. Smoking is not safe and the NicoBloc program is intended to help you gradually reduce smoking until you quit.

  • Easy to use - Apply one, two or three drops of NicoBloc to cigarette filter as required to reduce up to 99% of harmful tar and nicotine.

Where To Buy NicoBloc

nicobloc review

Although you can buy Nicobloc through Amazon, the best place to purchase any product is always an official website. There you'll certainly get a better customer support, detailed explanation on how to use the product, a lower price and so on. best price



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For most people, smoking is both a physical and behavioral addiction. Whatever cure you have decided to use, it should be combined with other methods that address the psychological factors of smoking, such as hypnosis. One of the most popular medical uses of hypnosis is exactly quit smoking support. Moreover, this is something you can do by yourself, through a self-hypnosis session. It helps a person learn to deeply relax, to be open to suggestions that strengthen resolve to quit, and increase negative feelings toward cigarettes. You can try it right now. Just click here to download your self-hypnosis session.










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