Self Hypnosis For Fear Of Heights

Fear Of Heights

A phobia or fear of heights is one of the most natural fears that human beings can have. After all, high places can be dangerous and it is useful to be wary and careful.


But when this fear gets too strong, being anywhere above ground level can feel very unpleasant indeed.

Traditional techniques for treating a fear of heights involve taking people up high until they get too exhausted to be scared anymore.


Luckily, using hypnosis a fear of heights can be cured comfortably, and quickly.

Self Hypnosis For Fear Of Heights

Using the power of deep relaxation, we can remove the unconscious fear response and return you to a natural state of wariness about heights.


Just as your brain has 'learned' to respond to heights with an unpleasant level of fear, so it can learn a new way of responding. A way that will allow you to relax and be comfortable in high places. And a way that is so incredibly effective, quick and comfortable, it will seem too good to be true.


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