Stamina Exercise Machines

Stamina Exercise Equipment

Stamina Products Inc. was founded in 1987. From the beginning, their focus has been to supply quality and value to the fitness and leisure markets. Over the years, from simple fitness equipment and accessories, Stamina has expanded their product line and developed more serious cardio machines, including magnetic exercise bikes, elliptical compact trainers, striders, rowers, mini steppers, benches, inversion tables and more.


However, when it comes to the quality, Stamina equipment is not a leader. Their cardio machines are designed for home users. Except some accessories, you wouldn't find Stamina exercise machines in gyms and health clubs. For the selling prices, they are good choice for light occasional use. If you are not limited on a budget, we suggest you to also consider some of a bit better brands. Within the same price range you can buy better machine from Horizon Fitness, or even better equipment that will serve you for years to come, by Diamondback.


Stamina Magnetic Bikes
magnetic exercise bike

Stamina magnetic bikes are actually nothing more than ordinary exercise bikes for home use. For some reason they called these machines "magnetic" although almost all indoor bikes on the market are magnetic (this refers to a magnetic resistance). Probably the poeple from Stamina marketing team have figured out that this name sells products very well. This is mostly because their equipment are often sold through the mass merchant stores where an average home user doesn't know what he or she actually looking for and where the price is the most important factor for buying.


Stamina Elliptical Trainers
compact strider

All models of Stamina ellipticals are designed to save room in a user's home and save money without losing quality. They are compact enough to fit in smaller workout areas than many elliptical trainers yet still gives you the stride you need for a complete workout. Their most popular elliptical machines are mini ellipticals, so called compact striders. They are cheap and small.


Stamina Rowing Machines
rowing machine

Stamina is a leader in the rowers field. They have the widest range of the rowing machines in the world. However, like the other exercise equipment produced by Stamina, the rowing machines are engineered for home use. They are not premium machines like Life Fitness rowers.


Best Place To Buy Stamina Exercise Machines

We browse online stores every day, looking for the lowest prices for you and the best place for online shopping. Although you can buy Stamina equipment on several mass merchant stores such as Hayneedle, the best buying conditions you'll find on Amazon best price


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