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Meal Replacements

Meal replacements are probably the most valuable and underrated supplements on the market. In fact, meal replacements are not supplements at all - as the name suggests, they are complete meals. They provide a perfect, compact meal in a small package, high in protein, low in fat (some have no fat), low in carbohydrates, with a wide array of vitamins and minerals. Also, they are low in sugar and cholesterol. Meal replacements are pre-packaged powdered drink mixes (shakes) that you can mix with water, milk, or juice and then drink instead of a meal. Some of them are even ready to drink.


Meal replacements are convenient, inexpensive, and most taste pretty good. For optimum fat-burning and muscle-building results, we need to consume a high-protein, moderate-carb, low-fat meal every three to four hours. Many health professionals recommend meal replacements as a first line of dietary treatment for their patients. Meal replacements work because they supply the daily nutrition that patients need, while keeping caloric and fat intake to a minimum. Healthy eating and weight control are fundamental to managing diabetes, and meal replacements can be used as part of a diabetic meal plan.


Meal replacement powders are called nutritionally complete foods. They provide a precise blend of protein, carbs and fat along with vitamins, minerals and trace elements all in a nutrient dense form. They are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or when you're rushed. Meal replacement powders are popular with dieters, athletes and bodybuilders.


Having a liquid meal in a form of shake is a very practical way to improve your diet, ease digestion, minimize fat storage, reduce the risk of gorging and help prevent the viscous cycle of overeating late in the evening before bed. A liquid (drink) meal dominated by high-quality whey protein isolate and low in fat works the best.

Where to buy best meal replacements?

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Editor's Choice

best meal replacement
Organic Meal Creamy Chocolate
Price Range: $19.99 - $34.95

Brand: Maximum Slim
Smooth, creamy and delicious with only 150 calories and 1g sugar. 20g high-quality, all-whey protein helps you build lean muscle when combined with exercise. Maximum Slim Organic Meal Replacement makes a great base for juices and smoothies. Or keep it simple and just add water!




organic meal replacement
Raw Organic Meal
Price Range: $41.97 - $59.99

Brand: Garden of Life
Raw Organic Meal is a delicious organic MEAL-ON-THE-GO packed with incredible nutrition to help you satisfy hunger, manage weight and feel great. It delivers 20 grams of clean protein per scoop from 13 raw sprouted ingredients, along with greens, healthy fat, 5g fiber, probiotics, enzymes, plus 21 vitamins and minerals.




ready to drink meal replacement
Meal Replacement Drink
Price Range: $37.95 - $39.00

Brand: Soylent
Soylent is a ready-to-drink, nutritional, complete meal replacement shake in a bottle.
A perfect breakfast replacement, a convenient lunch on hectic days or an after-workout nutritional shake. Soylent Original is great on its own, or as an addition to your smoothies and protein drinks.




meal replacement reviews
Pudding & Shake Mix
Price Range: $12.14 - $13.49

Brand: Doctors Best
Amount per serving: Protein 15g; Calories 100; Carb: 7g; Sugar 4g; Fat 1.5g.
Enriched with 24 vitamins and minerals. Promotes fat-burning and weight loss. Easily mixes with water or non-fat milk. Available in many different of flavors.




best organic meal replacement powder
Organic Supergreens & Protein
Price Range: $53.99 - $59.99

Brand: Sunfood
Daily greens and protein all in one delicious smoothie. With a complete amino acid profile including all nine essential amino acids, rice protein is ideal for building lean muscle, burning fat, and boosting athletic performance.Providing the “supergreens” in this mix is our green superfood formula, which contains 19 nutrient-dense ingredients — wheatgrass, spinach, kale, chlorella, spirulina, kelp, dandelion leaf, ginger root and more.



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