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How to Evaluate and Buy Quality Home Exercise Equipment

Probably you are thinking about buying an effective exercise equipment, but... Most people have bought exercise equipment for home use figured out after only a few months that these quality and costly machines gather dust in their garage.


If you invested in a quality fitness equipment you should enjoy using it... and use it regularly. Otherwise, don't buy it!


Today's home exercise equipment is better constructed, more effective and offers more options than ever before. With the choice, however, comes a confusion... especially with so many shapes, sizes and types, and is often marketed through glossy direct mail packages and sophisticated infomercials. Prices are also very different from one supplier to another.


How to evaluate and choose quality exercise equipment?

• Determine Your Goals

Are you trying to lose weight? Do you want to get stronger? Or both? Knowing your goals in advance will help to find the equipment that will set you up for success, not a disappointment. Determining your goal will narrow your search to far fewer options. There are upper body exercise equipment, lower body or abdominal exercise equipment, cardio fitness equipment, and so on...


• Don't Forget About You

What activities do you enjoy most? Which ones you don't like? If you're avoiding stairs, probably you will not like working out on a stairclimber/stepper - most likely you will not use it regularly. If you love to take walks, a treadmill will give you a similar experience any time of day or night, in any weather conditions, in the comfort of your home. The more you enjoy activities your equipment provides you with, the more often you will use it.


• Set Your Budget

How much funds do you have to spend? If you love that fancy, programmable $2,500 stairclimber at the gym, the $199 blue light special will probably prove a huge disappointment. But, a basic, high-quality $600-$800 model might work great. A good strategy is to spend most of your budget on one solid machine, let's say a high-quality elliptical trainer or a treadmill, then build around it with a cheaper equipment such as a fitness or yoga ball, or why not a muscle stimulator machine, for instance?


• Decide on Features and Functions

From digital readouts to computer controlled features, most of today's fitness machines come with an amazing amount of high technology. However, these "bells and whistles" often go hand in hand with a price. Ask yourself ido you need a built-in sound system, wireless heart rate monitoring, calories-burned displays and what of these features will motivate you. If so, and you can afford them, it's great. If not, rest assured that a basic, good-quality piece of equipment will provide just as effective workout as the one with iPod connectivity. Other considerations include a reading rack, ease of adjusting variables such as tension, resistance, seat height, water bottle holders, and whether it folds up for storage, and so on.


• Using And Storing Your New Equipment

Many people anxiously await delivery of their new exercise bike or home gym only to discover it does not fit the room. Measure the actual footprint of your new equipment, and consider ventilation, electrical outlets, and noise problems for neighbors, even storage. Plus, consider placing a rubber mat under the equipment to reduce noise and absorb sweat and grease. If you don't have enough space, maybe a folding equipment is solution.


• Increase your motivation to exercise

What would it be like if you could maintain that initial enthusiasm that gets you exercising again? Imagine how good your fitness would be! There's no doubt about the incredible health benefits of sustained exercise, quite apart from how good you look when you're exercising regularly. So what can you do when the urge to exercise flags and your willpower seems to seep away? If it gets to this stage, it may have gone too far. You need to catch it before you lose your momentum. Trick is in exercising without thinking! You can download "Exercise Motivation Booster" in MP3 format and continue on your path to peak fitness.


Still not sure what kind of equipment would you like to buy?

Below are few suggestions for you. Choose a machine type and there you'll find in-deapth reviews on brands, particular machine features, prices and so on:



A Treadmill is a must-have fitness machine in every gym. There are so many types with so many features that prices are vary from about $199 up to a few thousand. Treadmills can be motorized or manual, folding home use or non-folding designed for serious runners, etc. See the choice of treadmills arrow


quality elliptical machine

Elliptical Cross Trainers are one of the best calorie burning machines. They engage both the lower and upper body muscles. Unlike any other fitness machines, the cross trainers offer a low-impact, cardio workout, without stress on your hips, knees, ankles and feet. See the choice of elliptical trainers arrow


home exercise bike

Home Exercise Bikes are designed for lower body training. They are often used for burning calories and as a part of weight loss program. Generally, there are 4 different types of exercise bikes, including upright bikes, recumbent bikes, indoor cycling, and dual-action exercise bikes. See the choice of exercise bikes arrow


home gyms

With a home gym you will be able to do almost all of the exercises you are doing in your local gym - right at your home or garage. They allow you to train the upper and lower body. According to reviews, a home gym system is worth the investment. See the choice of home gyms arrow





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