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ProForm Home Exercise Equipment

ProForm exercise equipment is one of the most popular and best selling fitness brand. Like NordicTrack, the brand is owned by one of the largest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world - ICON Health & Fitness. Like all brands that belong to ICON, ProForm produces only machines for home use. They are sold in mass merchant stores and this is the main reason for the brand's popularity.


When it comes to the quality, ProForm is not a leader in this field. Their wide popularity they owe to low prices and large retail chains. In our opinion, these products are bought by people who are not very well informed about fitness machines. For instance, for similar prices you can buy a much better machine, such as Diamondback.


ProForm Treadmills
proform treadmill

Proform treadmills are mostly designed for a light, occasional home use - except the ones from Pro series which are pretty sturdy. In the other hand these solid machines are too expensive, compared to similar models by other brands.


ProForm Exercise Bikes
hybrid exercise bike

ProForm exercise bikes are shiny, nicely designed and not too expensive machines. They have everything they need to have to be quickly sold in a supermarket. With plenty of modern features such as sound systems, iPod compatibility and so on, they are perfect for an average Sears customer. With a price of around $359, their most popular product is a combination of an exercise bike and an elliptical trainer. It's called ProForm Hybrid Trainer. This is something you wouldn't find in any gym or health club, but it is attractive for home users.


ProForm Elliptical Trainers
home elliptical machine

Like all other exercise machines produced by ProForm, elliptical trainers wouldn't be recommended by any serious fitness expert. They are designed to be used several times per week by an average home user. They just can't compete with Diamondback and Horizon Fitness.


Best Place To Buy ProForm Exercise Equipment

We browse online stores every day, looking for the lowest prices for you and the best place for online shopping. Although you can buy ProForm equipment on several mass merchant stores such as Hayneedle, the best buying conditions you'll find on Amazon best price


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