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Everyday, most of us take our backs for granted and put far more stress and strain on them than we really should. It is important to do what you can to prevent back problems so that you never find yourself in the position of having injured your back. Preventative measures are relatively simple and effective, so there is no reason not to be taking care of your back!


Use comfortable bedding. Make sure that your mattress and pillows allow for proper alignment of the spine. When in doubt, ask a trusted physician for guidance. You spend a lot of time in bed over the course of your lifetime, and a bed that does n ot support your back can be very damaging to your back.


Pay attention to your feet. Discomfort in your feet can be an early indicator that you will have back problems later on. Uneven or non-supportive footwear can cause pressure on your spine, leaving you with a backache. Wear the best running shoes if you plan to run, or find high quality walking shoes if you usually stroll. Try to always use the best shoes for the job.


Work out smart. When you are busy getting six pack abs, taking care of your back may not be the first thing on your mind, but the truth is, every exercise must be done correctly to keep you from injuring your back. Work on strengthening your back muscles as part of your exercise routine. If you are unsure how to do this, or how to exercise with perfect form, consider hiring a personal trainer to lend expertise in that department.


Improve your flexibility. Most of us are concerned with how to burn belly fat, but few of us recognize the need for back care, especially in the arena of flexibility. Stretching exercises and yoga can go a long way to help you in taking care of your back. When you take your time to loosen up before working out, your back will be much happier!


Use good lifting technique. Get help with things that are too heavy to lift alone. You have probably heard the phrase, "Lift with your legs," but many of us ignore this warning too often. This can lead to serious back problems. When you lift something heavy, let your legs do all of the work, and don't bend down to pick it up. You run the risk of straining your back if you bend over.


back care tips Remember to use these tips, and try not to stress your back by overdoing it when you work out or work around the house. If you start to feel sore, take it easy. You can take a break, or ask someone to help you with a difficult chore. It isn't worth risking a back injury. Remember that you only have one back, so you must take care of it!


About the Author:
Scott Gray is currently a fitness enthusiast and freelance writer who enjoys providing fitness tips to consumers. He maintains a fitness web site where you can find tips for getting in shape, losing weight and how to live a healthy life style.





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