Female Sexual Desire Disorder

Female Sexual Desire Disorder

It consists of a group of disorders. Specifically, Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is divided into categories related to desire, orgasm, arousal and pain. All of the disorders have a common component, namely, that the problem causes a woman personal distress.


Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder - (Sexual Anhedonia) The ongoing lack of sexual fantasies or thoughts. A woman suffering with hypoactive sexual desire disorder does not have a desire for sex and is not interested in the sexual advances of her partner. This may also be called loss of libido.


Sexual Aversion Disorder - An ongoing severe fear or phobia of any sexual activity with a partner.


Sexual Arousal Disorder - An ongoing problem staying sexually excited. The woman would like to have sex, but when she has sex, it is not pleasurable. May be due to decreased sensitivity in the genitals or lack of vaginal lubrication or wetness. Sexual Arousal Disorder may be caused by decreased blood flow to the vagina or clitoris.


Orgasmic Disorder - An ongoing problem related to having an orgasm. It may be difficult to have an orgasm or, if an orgasm is experienced, it may take a long time. Some women may not be able to reach orgasm at all. This problem occurs even though sexually stimulated and aroused.


Some disorders have similar symptoms. The clinician, therefore, in his diagnostic attempt has to differentiate against the following disorders which need to be ruled out to establish a precise diagnosis.


  • Chronically or recurrently, the patient cannot lubricate enough to complete the sexual activity.

  • Except for another sexual dysfunction.

  • It is not directly caused by substance use (medication or drug of abuse) or by a general medical condition.

  • It causes marked distress or interpersonal problems.


Associated Features:
Personal relationship problems.


Some disorders have similar or even the same symptoms. The clinician, therefore, in his/her diagnostic attempt has to differentiate against the following disorders which need to be ruled out to establish a precise diagnosis.

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Sexual, emotion or physical abuse

  • Drug or alcohol abuse

  • Problems with self-esteem or body image

  • Problems in your relationship with your partner

  • Dyspareunia

  • Vaginismus


Some women may think that sexual dysfunction is a normal consequence of childbirth, aging or menopause. This is not the case and the primary cause of is physical in nature and is not psychological. However, due to the very personal nature of this disorder, psychological factors may become involved as well.


To treat psychological component of sexual desire disorder (depression, stress, relationship with partner, fear or phobia of sexual activity, problems with self-esteem or body image...), self hypnosis is a powerful, effective and 100% natural. It will help for sure. Self-hypnosis is based on proven psychological priniciples to give you what you need, quickly and comfortably.


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