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CholesLo® Review

From time to time, during all these years, we had many questions from our visitors, with same subject: "Is CholesLo a scam?" and "Does it really work?". This pushed us to immerse into the matter.

HNL (Health, Fitness & Longevity Institute), a manufacturer of the CholesLo has been in the health business since 1999. They have a proven track record - their products are safe and effective for a long time. The HNL founder and director is Dr. Sam Robbins. In his own words, most of the things you hear about either don’t work at all … or only for a short time. And then there are those that are actually unhealthy for you and do more harm than good. He said: "I want you to learn from my mistakes, so you can save yourself time, money and wasted effort. I’ll give you my suggestions based decades of research and more importantly, REAL LIFE results!"


Does CholesLo Work?

So, HNL formulated CholesLo, as an aletrnative to statins. Given that cholesterol tablets have become a source of huge profits for various pharmaceutical companies, it's understandable that a simple and inexpensive solution is not acceptable to them. Thus, many of cheap ways to lower cholesterol naturally are intentionally labeled as a scam, without any evidence.


CholesLo has a proven track record. Every ingredient is manufactured in the US, under strict GMP & NSF regulations, with a Certificate of Analysis. The formula utilizes scientifically researched ingredients, supported by clinical data. In fact, among dozens of dietary supplements available on the market, this is the ONLY doctor formulated, "all-in-one" natural remedy to promote optimal cholesterol and lipid levels. It has additional “lipid improving” benefits because it also optimizes HDL/LDL levels, lowers triglycerides, improves Homocysteine levels and cleanses the liver, where cholesterol problems start.


CholesLo Ingredients

CholesLo contains the exact effective dosage of each ingredient, which was used in the original clinical study. Here is a complete list of ingredients:


Cholesterol, HDL/LDL & Triglycerides (Lipid Optimizing System):

  • Artichoke Extract

  • CoQ10

  • Garlic Extract

  • Guggulsterones

  • Red Yeast Rice (Citrinin removed)

  • Policosanol (from Sugar Cane - Saccharum species)

  • Pantesin® d-Pantethine

  • Phytosterols Complex (extract from non-GMO pine tree extract)


is choleslo scam

Liver Cleansing Formula):

  • Milk Thistle Extract

  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine


Homocysteine Reducing Formula):

  • Vitamin B6

  • Vitamin B12

  • Folate

  • Vitamin B5


Inflammation Reducer):

  • Turmeric

  • Mixed Tocotrienols


Insulin/Blood-Sugar Regulator):

  • R+ Alpha Lipoic Acid


Is CholesLo Supplement Safe?

ColesLo is a completely natural and effective product. It is one of the safest ways to lower cholesterol levels. The chance of getting any side effects is almost equal to zero.


Where To Buy CholesLo At Best Price?

We always advise our visitors to make purchases through the official websites of manufacturers. This will guarantee you the highest quality of the product. Fortunately, the best price to buy CholesLo you'll find right there. best price


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