Homeopathic Allergy Relief

Homeopathic Allergy Relief

To determine which homeopathic remedies provide relief and would be effective in the treatment of your particular allergy, you should know that there are several types of allergies that should be accordingly treated with an appropriate remedy. Also, each homeopathic cure is prescribed based on the person’s physical and psychological condition as well as general mannerisms.


The most commonly used homeopathic remedies used to treat allergies include:


Allium Cepa - The symptoms include watery red eyes and a clear burning nasal discharge that irritates the upper lip, along with sneezing and a tickling cough. Violent headache, profuse, which all get worse in the evening and in a warm room.


Euphrasia - For seasonal allergies center around the eyes. If the eyes are swollen and irritated with acrid tears or pus. The eyes may hurt from too much light. The nose also runs, but with a blander discharge.


Arsenicum Album - If you are very thirsty and chilly and experience asthmatic breathing with the allergic attack it may be cure ofr you. Other symptoms include a burning, watery, runny nose with a stuffy, tickling feeling during allergy attacks. Alos, during allergy the person is always restless and anxious.


Sabadilla - The Sabadilla person has a hay fever that begins when they inhale pollen from flowers. Long paroxysms of sneezing, itching in the nose with irritating runny discharge, a feeling of a lump in the throat, and watery eyes.


Nux Vomica - It is a homeopathic remedy of choice if the nose is alternately stuffed up and running. It treats allergies that are better outside. Other symptoms include a teasing cough, a scraped or tickly feeling in the throat, and headache. A patient who needs Nux Vomica often feels impatient, irritable, and chilly.


Pulsatilla - Pulsatilla is used by those whose runny nose is worse during the day with congestion at night. The allergy sufferers prefer cold rooms or to be outside in fresh air. Their allergies are worse when they lie down in a warm room and they have no thirst.




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