Homeopathic Pulsatilla


homeopathic pulsatilla

Homeopathic remedies Pulsatilla are made from the plant called Wind Flower. It is a tender flower that turns its petals whichever way the wind blows. Therefore, it perfectly fits the profile of such persons. Especially children. Pulsatilla covers many childhood complaints and should be in every family home. It is a remedy that cure most of the ailments that children have–measles, chicken pox, mumps, colds, etc.


It is extremly successful natural relief for painful menstruation as well. For women it helps balance PMS, mood swings, irregular late periods, pain, cramps and nervous headaches. It also speeds healing of cold, flu and hay fever symptoms with stubborn night coughs. It can quickly ease car sickness and painful indigestion from rich foods, rheumatic pain, menstrual disorders, and upset stomach due to overeating...


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