Blood Sugar Levels

Low / High Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes impairs the body's ability to manufacture or use insulin, a hormone necessary to metabolize sugar or glucose. Most people with diabetes must take either insulin injections or oral medications to lower blood sugar levels. Managing blood sugar levels is a matter of balancing three variables: food, physical activity, and insulin. Insulin and physical activity lower the blood sugar levels; food intake raises them. When blood sugar levels are not maintained properly, people with diabetes are threatened with either of two emergencies:


Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), caused by the buildup of glucose in the bloodstream.


Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), occurring when blood glucose levels drop too low. It's also called insulin reaction or insulin shock.



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Both situations can be life threatening if left untreated. But because a hypoglycemic emergency can develop quickly and is likely to occur more often, the following information focuses on what causes an insulin reaction and how to handle it.


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