Tamiflu by Roche

Roche's Tamiflu is a medicine formulated to treat flu (infection caused by influenza virus). It attacks the influenza virus and prevent it from spreading inside your body. Tamiflu treats flu at its source by attacking the virus that causes the flu, rather than simply masking symptoms. Each capsule (grey/light yellow) contains 75 mg of active drug and should be taken by mouth.


How Tamiflu Works?

Tamiflu works to stop the spread of flu virus in the body. It is a neuraminidase inhibitor. These inhibitors treat the cause of influenza infection by inhibiting the critical neuraminidase protein on the surface of the virus. As the flu multiplies, neuraminidase enables it to move on and infect other host cells. When you inhibit neuraminidase, the flu can't escape from its host cell, which prevents it from spreading.
The relationship between the invitro anti-viral activity in cell culture and the inhibition of influenza virus replication in humans has not been established.


Tamiflu is generally well tolerated. Tamiflu may cause mild-to-moderate nausea or vomiting in one out of 10 people. Taking Tamiflu 75mg with food may reduce the potential for these side effects. Other less common side effects may include bronchitis, sleeplessness and vertigo.


Who Should Not Take Tamiflu?

You should not take Tamiflu if you are allergic to oseltamivir phosphate or any other ingredients of Tamiflu. Before starting treatment, make sure your doctor knows if you are taking any other medication or have any type of kidney disease.



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Where To Buy Tamiflu?

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