Homeopathic Natrum Muriaticum

Natrum Muriaticum

homeopathic natrum muriaticum

Natrum Muriaticum is the mineral salt. It is a homeopathic form of sodium chloride. It occurs naturally as rock salt and in salt water. It is contained in all body fluids and tissues. It is dissolved in the same proportion to water in the Earth's oceans as it is in our blood, amniotic fluid and tears.

Homeopathic Natrum

Homeopathists prescribe Natrum Muriaticum for several different health conditions in several different potenties, including 6x, 30c, 200c and 1m. It may provide relief for the symptoms of:

  • Pain associated with arthritis, and pain in muscles and joints;

  • Aches from illness such as the flu, chest pain from bronchial coughs, stomach flu, and headaches;

  • Dryness in the stomach and intestines with a sluggish digestion and painful elimination;

  • Dry painful stools and a dry hard cough;

  • Flu and colds;

  • Sore throat with dry hard spasmodic coughs;

  • Abdominal pain;

  • Water retention in women.


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