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Mexican Swine Influenza Virus

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Mexican (Swine) Influenza


The new swine influenza virus is born. This mexican flu is quickly spreading all around the world. So, many of us are concerned, is there a real danger of influenza pandemic?

A first case of the novel H1N1 type A flu virus was detected in Mexico. It was found in swine. First people were infected from pigs. At that time, its spreading still could be keeped under control. The panic has began when the virus passed from person to another person. It’s thought that new influenza A (H1N1) flu spreads in the same way that regular seasonal influenza viruses spread; mainly through the coughs and sneezes of people who are sick with the virus. At the beginning, first Mexican cases shown that it would be a highly deathly virus. As time passes, we see that the Swine Influenza Virus A is quickly spreading all around the globe, but it is not so deathly as we thought before.

At the moment of writing this article (June 2009) the rate of mortality was about 2%. At this time, most people who have become ill with Mexican flu have experienced typical flu symptoms and have recovered without requiring medical treatment.

Mostly new cases have had mild Influenza-Like Illness with only a few requiring brief hospitalization. Although the swine influenza cases have been registered in most countries, if we compare numbers, there have been reported a less percentage of deaths everyday.

While waiting H1N1 vaccine, many people purchase Tamiflu as a prevention. It is the only approved medicine that treat flu virus successfully. Currently Tamiflu is one of the most widely prescribed of all the influenza medications on the market.


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